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Advantages of cooperation

It's good how you drive with us! Because with us you get everything from a single source.

Reliable and competent contact persons:

  • Multilingual; always available.

  • An offer tailored to your individual needs.

  • The registration of your shipment - online if you wish.

  • We are in constant contact with you and the recipient of your shipment - throughout Europe!

  • Disposition á la carte: on schedule and according to your wishes.

  • Where is my shipment right now? Track your shipment - online!


  • Waybill

  • Delivery bill

  • Proof of shipment

  • Pallet movement certificate

  • Customs documents


0800 - 55 86 777

Das Unternehmen: Über uns


The forwarding company introduces itself

Sascha Klumpp

The second oldest son Sascha is the head of the company. After graduating from high school and training as a forwarding agent, he joined his father's young company in 2002; as a driver while still in training, then as a co-partner. He is responsible for the scheduling, the sustainable customer acquisition, and is decisively co-responsible for the entrepreneurial orientation, business planning and the structuring of the company's success. Sascha Klumpp's eyes still sparkle when he talks about the beginnings and the acquisition of the first of many loyal customers: "Life offered us a unique opportunity, and we simply seized it by the horns."

Das Unternehmen: Über uns


A look back


In 1997, the owner-managed company was founded by Willi Klumpp as Klumpp Willi GdbR Spedition und Spezialtransporte. Since then, it has stood for quality and customer-oriented services in all areas of the transport business. After his apprenticeship, the trained motor vehicle mechanic worked as a driver for the respected construction company Grötz in Gaggenau for almost a quarter of a century before he went into business for himself in the mid-1990s with his comprehensive know-how and his freight forwarding company in the face of the looming crisis in the construction industry. Diligence combined with high entrepreneurial and personal risk have formed the basis for success and continuous growth ever since.

After graduating from high school and training as a freight forwarder, Sascha Klumpp joined his father's young company in 2002; as a driver while still in training, then as a co-partner. He is responsible for scheduling, sustainable customer acquisition, and is largely responsible for the entrepreneurial orientation, business planning and structuring of the company's success. In his very first year, three newly acquired vehicles are added to the two he owns. A short time later, the fleet consists of a total of 20 owned tractors and 40 semi-trailers. During this time, the family business also acquires the 1.5 hectare company premises. On it are the depot, the workshop, the logistics area including outdoor storage, as well as the newly built administration building.

Das Unternehmen: Vergangene Veranstaltungen


What was already a tradition in the Middle Ages is still a cornerstone

for successful cooperation today.

In the past, carters who transported all kinds of goods for their customers were called hauderers.

Even then, transportation was a matter of trust.


I swear an oath to God,
that the goods
which I am charged with transporting,
faithfully and honestly deliver it,
not to move any part of it or take it anywhere else than I have been ordered to,
whatsoever money and bills of exchange are handed back to me,
honestly and without the slightest deceit...
and to conduct myself in all such a manner
as an honest, sincere and faithful
and faithful carter.

Integrity towards our customers is the cornerstone of our thinking and acting.

Therefore, we act and work for the common interest of our clients.

This experience is successfully used by our long-term staff to fulfill the business relationship with our customers and the resulting expectations.

This loyalty to our clients and to our own values leads to a successful partnership with all clients in the long run.

Why you do well with us.

We are service providers and the specialists when it comes to transport and logistics. Of course, we reliably move goods from A for Amsterdam to Z for Zurich, but we also move you, our customers: with an unusual passion for everything that has to do with freight, deadlines and professional know-how.

Our commitment

"We feel committed":

  • to the requirements and wishes of our customers

  • the task entrusted to us to deliver every freight on time

  • our own demands for maximum efficiency, flexibility and the highest level of professionalism

Customer proximity

"We pull out all the stops for you every day."

We want to know what you want. We practice customer proximity through constant communication. This is how we keep you and our employees informed when unforeseen problems need to be solved: behind the wheel, in the workshop, on the office chair.... You can take our word for it. Customer proximity as we understand it is based on mutual trust and partnership. We dare to do that.


"We make the impossible possible."

We also drive when others no longer want to or can. That has its price. But our activities are geared to lasting economic success that secures earnings and jobs. Economic stability forms the basis of fair business relationships. It is not a one-way street and must therefore always be in the interests of our clients.

Our customers

From professionals for professionals

Our specialty is special transports. Our fleet of vehicles is therefore designed to meet special requirements and is maintained and, if necessary, repaired by trained professionals - from master vehicle mechanics to vehicle maintenance specialists. We move more than 6,000 loads a year and the fortunes of more than four dozen satisfied and often long-standing customers in the construction, civil engineering, steel and mechanical engineering industries.

Das Unternehmen: Profil
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